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Program FAQ

Q. What courses will I take during the Campbellsville (1+1) Program?

A: Refer to the Course Map for each degree (MBA, MSITM, MSCS).

Q. What is the duration of each of the (1+1) Programs?

A. The MSITM degree is 30 credits, and may be completed in five semesters or 20 months.

The MBA degree is 36 credits, and may be completed in six semesters or 24 months.

The MSCS degree is 30-36 credits, and may be completed in 5-6 semesters or 20-24 months, depending on whether Foundations courses are       required.

Q. How many courses will I take each semester?

A. While studying in your home country, you will take one 8-week course at a time, or two courses per 16-week semester. These courses will             have a weekly Zoom session with your professor and classmates.

Once you transfer to the U.S. for the second half of the program, each semester you will take one 16-week hybrid course and one 8-week fully  online course at the same time. This will meet the requirements of the F1 visa.  The 8-week course will typically be during the first half of the 16-week semester.  An extra 8-week course can be taken during the second half of the semester for students who need to repeat a course or who wish to accelerate their program.

Q. How much time will I spend on coursework every week?

A. Students can expect to spend 12-15 hours per week on graduate courses.   This includes 3-4 hours online each week (reading, submitting         assignments and responses) and 8-11 hours offline (reading and completing written learning activities).

Q. How are classes conducted?

A. While studying in your home country, courses will be conducted online through the learning management system, Moodle. You will also have weekly Zoom calls with your professor and classmates.

When you transfer to the US, you will continue your online courses through Moodle. On an F1 student visa, you will also take a 16-week hybrid class each semester, and be required to attend a 1 weekend residency every semester at our campus. You will spend this time in the classroom with your professor and classmates.

Q. When I transfer to the US, will my program change?

A. When you transfer, the MSITM and MSCS degrees will remain the same. For the MBA, the degree name will change from MBA to PMBA, Professional Master of Business Administration. You will be required to be employed or have an internship within 8 weeks of arriving in the US. All of the courses for MBA and PMBA are identical, however PMBA requires employment.

Q. What will my diploma and transcript say?

A: When you graduate, your diploma and transcript from Campbellsville University will include the name of your degree, the same as for students who complete the residential MSITM option. For the MBA or PMBA, the area of concentration will be shown on the transcript.

General Information

Q. Are the Campbellsville University (1+1) programs accredited?

A: Campbellsville University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to award certificates, associate, bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees. Regional accreditation is the highest and most rigorous accreditation level available in the U.S. Contact the Commission on Colleges at 1866 Southern Lane Decatur, Georgia 30033-4097, or call 404-679-4500 for questions about the status of Campbellsville University.

Q.Tell me more about Campbellsville University?

A: Campbellsville University is a comprehensive, Christian institution that offers non-credit technical programs, along with credit-bearing Certificates, Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degree programs. The university is dedicated to academic excellence solidly grounded in the liberal arts that fosters personal growth, integrity and professional preparation within a caring environment. The university prepares students as Christian servant leaders for life-long learning, continued scholarship by linking discovery research to knowledge at the doctoral level, and active participation in a diverse, global society.

In addition to being ranked as one of America’s Best Christian Colleges, and a top Kentucky and southern institution in accredited national and world university rankings like the U.S. News & World Report, Campbellsville University is an NAIA Five-Star Champions of Character Institution and has been named to President’s Higher Education Honor Roll for Community Service.

Q. Does the Campbellsville (1+1) program allow students to be employed full-time or part-time?

A. Campbellsville University’s graduate programs are designed for the working professional.  While in your home country, employment in your field is suggested but not required.

When students transfer to the U.S. to complete their studies, students enrolled in the PMBA program will be required to work in a job or internship within the first 8 weeks of their coursework in the U.S. Students in the MSITM and MSCS program are required by USCIS regulations for F1 visa holders to study in the U.S. for one year (two full semesters) before being eligible to work.

Academic Information

Q. What is the language of instruction?

A: The language of instruction is English.  Proficiency in English is required.

Q. What is the typical class size?

A: The class size will vary depending on enrollment, but each student is treated as an individual.

Q. How will I attend classes in my home country if they are offered by Campbellsville (1+1)?

A. The classes offered in your home country will be offered asynchronously online.  You will be able to study anywhere that has sufficient internet connectivity.

Q. Where can I attend live video class lectures?

A. Select classes offered in your home country will also have weekly Zoom ® sessions where you will be able to interact individually with your professor and classmates.

When you transfer to the US, you will continue your online courses through Moodle. On an F1 student visa, you will also take a 16-week hybrid class each semester, and be required to attend a 1 weekend residency every semester at our campus. You will spend this time in the classroom with your professor and classmates.

Q. Will I have an opportunity to select courses and set my own schedule?

A: Classes are offered on a rotating basis.  You will be assigned courses based on when you start the program.  If you need to take a semester break or wish to accelerate your program, an academic advisor will work with you to rearrange your course plan accordingly.

Q. What type of coursework and projects will I be expected to complete during the program?

A. Your coursework will include readings from textbooks and peer reviewed journal articles.  You will participate in lively online discussions with your professor and classmates.  Additional assignments may include quizzes or writing papers about the week’s subject matter.  Some classes include group research projects.  APA format is required for all formal papers, which prepares the student for submitting their own work to peer reviewed journals if desired.

Program Cost

Q. What is the cost per credit hours for the (1+1) program?

A. While studying in your home country, Campbellsville University is offering a discount on your tuition! Also, the technology fee will be waived! Pay only $297.50 per credit hour or $892.50 per course after the discount while studying in your home country!

When you transfer to the US to complete your program, the cost is $525.00 per credit hour or $1575.00 per course. There will also be a $75 technology fee for each online class.

Q. When is my payment due?

A. Tuition is due the first week of class. You will receive a notification of your due date and you can access the payment information in your TigerNet account.

Q. Does Campbellsville University (1+1) offer a payment plan?

A. Campbellsville University does offer a payment plan to the (1+1) students. Tuition is due in full within the first 7 days of the term. Or, you can use the payment plan and pay in two installments. In that case, your first payment of half of the tuition is due within 7 days from the first day of class. If you pay on time, the $50 payment plan fee will be waived. Your second payment is due exactly 1 month later. Failure to make your payments by the due dates will result in assessment of the $50 payment plan enrollment fee, plus $250 late fee for each deadline missed.

Immigration and Visa Information

Q. When will the I-20 be issued?

A. Approximately 6 months before to plan to transfer to the US to complete your studies, your Student Representative in Ameerpet will set up a video meeting with a CU International Student Advisor/Designated School Official. During this meeting, the CU International Advisor will issue your I-20 and advise you on the necessary steps to obtain your Visa.

Q. What if my student visa is denied?

A. If for any reason you are denied a visa, you will be able to complete the remainder of your program in your home country. Upon completion of your program, you will still receive the same degree as you would have received had you finished your studies in the US.

Q. Can students work from day one after completing one year in India?

A. Students are permitted to work from day one in curricular practical training for the PMBA program only. For the MSITM and MSCS programs, USCIS regulations require that you study in the US for one academic year (two semesters) before you are eligible for curricular practical training.

Admission Information

Q. How can I apply for the Campbellsville University (1+1) program?


Please click on the link above and select “Create and Application Forms Account”.  Complete all of the fields and select “Create Account.” Re-enter your email and password. Select India MBA, MSCS, MSITM. Complete all tabs along the left side of the screen to complete the application and upload the required documents. Be sure to click “Submit” when you are finished.

Q. What if I do not have English proficiency scores or GRE/GMAT scores?

A. You will have the first 16 weeks of your studies in your home country to meet these requirements. You will be admitted conditionally if you have not met these specific requirements upon admission. When the requirements have been met, you will receive your full acceptance letter.

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