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With Campbellsville University’s Computer Science degree, you can become a leader in information technology and computer systems. This program is designed to equip you with the advanced knowledge and skills needed to reach your potential in the Computer Science field.  Graduates of the MSCS program will gain a thorough knowledge of software engineering, cyberlaw, programming languages, computer networking and more. After graduation, you’ll be prepared to pursue a career in systems analysis, computer programming and more.  You will be able to learn from professors who have practical industry experience as well as theoretical knowledge.


The master’s degree teaches you how computer systems interact and how to manage and troubleshoot them. Through a course on software engineering, you will acquire hands-on experience by completing a project while exploring software development methods from design to implementation stages. The program examines various database models, such as relational, SQL and network databases, as well as advanced computer operating systems while utilizing UNIX and Windows. Additionally, the degree covers high-level computer programming languages, computer networking and the theoretical and computational aspects of artificial intelligence.


You’ll discover the skills, techniques and tools used in the domain of information technology security, including risk diagnosis, security frameworks and wireless security. With a course in disaster recovery planning, you will be prepared to plan and implement organization-wide information assurance initiatives. You will also learn how to make logical decisions on the selection, adoption, application and evaluation of technologies for businesses. Finally, the program explores cyberlaw and how to address various related regulations.

MSCS Program
Program Length

1.5 – 2 Years

Course Length

8 Weeks

Credit Hours

30 – 36

Cost Per Credit

$336 while in India; $525 while in US

Teaching Format

Live Stream

    • Dr. Vince Scovetta

    • Dr. Scovetta is the Lead Computer Science Professor at Campbellsville University responsible for the creation and evolution of the MS/CS, BS/CS programs, and instructs several Graduate and Undergraduate Computer Science courses. He is engaged with the Kentucky business community to ensure graduating students have the necessary technical skills required of a fast-paced technological society. Dr. Scovetta also provides outreach support to High Schools encouraging students to learn about Computer Science and Robotics.
    • Dr. Quiana Bradshaw

    • Dr. Quiana Bradshaw earned a Doctor of Computer Science with a concentration in emerging media from Colorado Technical University,an MSIT from Florida Institute of Technology and was noted to make a significant contribution to the field. She has published several studies on educational games and learning game design characteristics. She has servedas a Software & Industry Information Association Codie Judge since 2016, a Serious Play Conference 2018 International Serious Play Awards.
    • Dr. Gulsebnem (Sheb) Bishop

    • Dr. Bishop graduated with a doctorate in Computer Science and Information Systems from Pace University, NY, in 2006. She holds an MBA as well as a Cybersecurity master’s degree. She has worked for several non-profit organizations such as the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, National Cathedral, and the United Nations Foundation in Washington, DC. Dr. Bishop has a MA degree in classical archaeology from the University of Pennsylvania and an MA degree in Near Eastern archaeology from Hacettepe University in Ankara, Turkey.

Application time left for the MSCS








Admissions Requirement

Please go over the admission requirements listed below in the toggle format.
  • 3 Professional Reference Letters
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Resume
  • Passport or Government Issued ID
General information
  • Three (3) Professional Reference Letters
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Resume
  • Passport or Government Issued ID
Academic Documents
  • Soft copies of all Bachelors Transcripts
    • Official Transcripts must be delivered within the first 16 weeks of the semester.
  • Credential evaluation (CU Evaluation, WES, EP, ECE or other)
  • This requirement is waived if the student has a Bachelor’s degree from a University Grant Commission (UGC) accredited university.
  • GRE or GMAT 
    • This may be waived if the student has earned a four-year Bachelor’s degree from a UGC accredited college or university, with a First Class or higher designation. 
    • This requirement may be waived if the student earns a 3.0 GPA in their first two 8-week terms.
    • If the student’s GPA is below 3.0, the student must submit official GRE scores that meet the university standard in order to continue.
English Proficiency Scores
  • CU ESL Test, TOEFL score 80, IELTS score 6.0, or Pearson score 53
    • If a student does not meet the requirement, the student will receive a IELTS training for free toward training in English proficiency. Students will have until the end of the second 8-week term to retest to fulfill this requirement. 
    • This requirement may be waived if the student earns a 3.0 GPA in their first two 8-week terms.

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MSCS Course Map

The MSCS is made up of ten to twelve core courses, based on how many foundations one has to take.


Software Engineering
Database Program Development
Computer Operating Systems
Calculus 1
Discrete Math

**An Admissions Advisor will evaluate your credentials to determine if you meet prerequisite requirements.  If you are lacking in any of these areas, you will be assigned to one or both of the following Foundations Courses.  Foundations courses are 16 weeks in duration.

CS 501 – Foundations I (Computer Science)

CS 502 – Foundations II (Discrete Math & Calculus)

Required Courses:

BA/CS 632 – Cyber Security
BA/CS 635 – Disaster Recovery Planning
BA/CS 636 – Cyberlaw, Regulations,& Compliance
BA/CS 634 – Current & Emerging Technology
CS 633 – Advanced Programming Languages
CS 630 – Software Engineering
CS 631 – Advanced Database
CS 637 – Advanced Operating Systems
CS 638 – Artificial Intelligence
CS 639 – Advanced Topics in Computer Networking

Master of Science in Computer Science

Campbellsville University has been preparing leaders with highly accredited, quality education, for over a century. With an esteemed faculty, consisting of practitioner scholars, your MSCS will be recognized worldwide.

  • Finish in as little as 16-24 months with this 30 -36 credit hour program.
  • Global alumni base for networking
  • Career advancement

Prepares you for exciting careers

Information Security Analyst
Software Engineer
Software Developer
Software Architect
Database Administrator
Programmer Analyst
Computer Hardware Engineer
Computer Systems Analyst
Web Developer

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